Lalaloopsy Doll Charlotte Charades

Lalaloopsy Doll Charlotte Charades


  • Charlotte charades was made from pieces of a mime's gloves, giving her love for all things invisible
  • When her last stitch was sewn on april 14th, charlotte charades magically came to life
  • With her invisible pet, charlotte charades likes to play hide-and-go-seek
  • Charlotte charades spends her fun-filled days in the magical world of lalaloopsy land
  • With plenty more lalaloopsy dolls to love and collect (each sold separately), the possibilities for fun are endless

Date Released: 11/04/2012

Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Recommended Age Range: 0 to 15 years

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More Information:

Each cute doll has poseable head, arms and legs and comes with his or her own pet. The Lalaloopsy dolls were oncerag dolls who magically came to life, taking on the personalities of the fabrics that were used to make them. They live in a colourful, silly world, and it’s your job to keep the magic of their world alive. Each character is different

Shoes and clothes can be removed for fashion play. One supplied. Colours and styles may vary